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GTX 470 SLI Benchmark
Topic Started: Jan 9 2012, 05:28 PM (1,067 Views)
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GTX 470SLI Setup

In the benchmark we have the GTX 470 in SLI configuration.

I will only be showing you the frame rates I got with these two cards. My PC Spec can be seen at the end.

Skyrim Ultra and high settings at 1920X1080

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Here we can see that Skyrim performs very well with the GTX 470 SLI setup, getting an average of 57, a maximum of 72 and a minimum of 47. However we have a strange result for the high settings, getting only 26 frames per second for the minimum. The average frame rate decreases by 8 frames when you change it from High to Ultra. I would have to say that these are pretty good results from cards that came out in 2009.

BattleField 3 maxed out at 1920X1080

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Here we have the results for BattleField 3, the latest BattleField game out. These pair of cards perform outstanding. The average is a pretty fantastic 58/59 while the minimum only being 37 which is still very playable. The maximum reaches a tops of 63 frames per second.

Metro 2033 maxed out at 1920X1080

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As we all know Metro 2033 has become the new Crysis of graphics cards, with even the best just reaching over 60FPS on average. He we see that the lowest it goes is 22 FPS which is playable but not ideal. The average is 48 FPS which is brilliant and you will get a pretty big 71 frames per second when you are in big fights.

Crysis 2 maxed out at 1920X1080

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These cards are great in Crysis 2, with all settings maxed out I didn't drop below 50. The minimum, maximum and average are all pretty close together which is ideal for gaming because you wont really see it as much as other scores in this topic.


Even with recent games such as BF3 coming out, these cards can still hold their own and even do outstandingly well. You can pick up two of these cards for a mere £150-£200 each, which works out quite cheap for hardcore PC gaming. I would have to give these cards an 8/10 in the current gaming climate

NOTE: My scores are based on the FPS results of all games tested.

PC spec

CPU = i7 950 @ 3.4Ghz
PSU = 850W
Motherboard = Sabertooth X58
GPU = GTX 470 x 2

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