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[Review] Battlefield 3 [Review]
Topic Started: Jan 8 2012, 11:09 PM (932 Views)
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Hello, this is Voids, PlanetZGamerZ owner and founder, bringing you a review of Battlefield 3.


Battlefield is a game which is set approximately 2 year from the time of writing this review. The game starts in the year 2014, you play as a character called Blackburn, who is a soldier in the US army and one of the main characters you play as throughout the game. The other character being Dmitri "Dima" Mayakovsky, who is a Spetsnaz soldier presumably from the period of the cold war. The story is about blackburn explaining his actions and then the player reliving these actions, making up most of the game. Eventually time of the past events have caught up with real life.

The main action consists of the player fighting members from the PLR, an Iranian Terrorist organization, who has a vast amount of nuclear weapons at their disposal. Both Blackburn's and Dima's mission is to stop PLR nuclear attacks on Paris and New York.


The gameplay in Battlefield 3 is quite astonishing, the games core mechanics work well, such as sprinting, which looks life like, making the whole Battlefield 3 experience feel more life-like allowing you to get more evolved. The gameplay, such as firefights are very in depth, with the NPC's feeling somewhat like soldiers, even if they do sometimes sit and stare at cars while you run up to them and stab them with your combat knife. Tanks can be somewhat hard to get used to, the controls not being the same as most games, making the player adjust to these changes. The quick time events are a plus, allows you to be more interactive in the game. However, sometimes these quick time events can be annoying and a simple miss-click can result in the player failing it and having to restart from a check point.


Battlefield 3's graphics are what makes it stand out from the crowd. The lighting makes the game near life-like, something that we rarely see, if we it at all that is. The lightning allows for the game to introduce emotions such as anxiety. It also gives areas in the game a more eerie atmosphere. The graphic details on building is fantastic, looking at building at medium distance, on Ultra settings (PC version only) makes the place seem almost life-like. Explosion details are brilliants as well, with a great amount of detail added to it. Unfortunately the consoles versions don't really get to see these textures and as such are very limited. Furthermore, to get the best detail on PC version, you will require a pretty good graphics (video) card. A GTX 560Ti or a Radeon 6950 will be fine, but if you want over 30 frames per second I would recommend that you go for a GTX 580 (1.5GB or 3GB) or a Radeon 6970 (2GB)


Overall the sounds in Battlefield 3 are great. Voice acting is good and it makes it seem like the soldiers are actually in a war. Proper terminology is used, such as correct military phrases. Gunfire has always been good in the Battlefield games and Battlefield 3 is no different. Gunfire sound great and in surround sound 5.1 you can near enough imagine the same firefight occurring in your mind. Tanks, jets and Helicopters also sound life-like engaging the player substantially. Explosions sound great, a thing I loved was the sound effect that it gave depending on how close you were to it. you may have to listen out for it, but, it is defiantly there, so the next time you play it, listen out for it.


Multiplayer remains quite similar to Bad company 2, it has similar game modes and a similar interface, bar a wee revamp to make it seem more like a new game. This however is one of its' down fall in my opinion. While the current game modes are executed well. I would have liked to see a little bit variation to increase the amount of play time, as it does get a little bit repetitive. The multiplayer maps are huge, because of this, 64 player online is introduced, this in itself is not necessarily a good thing, yes in a sense more players to kill, but more latency (Lag) which can be quite irritant to some. Furthermore matches can easily exceed the 30 minute mark, longest I have played a single round was a little over 40 minutes. This become a tad tiresome and can be frustrating, especially if you need to go somewhere and you need to finishing the match quickly.


BattleField 3 is a great game, from gameplay, to sound and to graphics, this game shows us all what games are capable of, that's if they don't release one every year *cough* infinity ward *cough* This game will no doubt keep you interested from the moment you turn it on until the moment you HAVE to turn it off. When the single player is done, all you have to do is head online and play against others and work as a team to win.

I will give this game 9.6/10

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